Oak Leaf Farm


Foundation before Specialization

The key to success in any sport is to have a good foundation.  Most people start out by picking a sport they want to specialize in before they get a good foundation.  This often leads to problems.



A student being lunged bareback to create a balanced and independent seat. 






Whether you want to enhance what you are already doing or if you are completely new to horses we can give you a strong foundation to pursue all your riding goals.


The Perfect Partnership

What does it take to HAVE a perfect partner?  What does it take to BE the perfect partner?   The Parelli method can transform any horse into a calm, relaxed, trusting, understood, respected, well-treated happy horse, and any rider into a calm, relaxed, trusting and natural rider.  These are the elements necessary in having a perfect partnership:



The Lesson Plan

Our lesson plan starts out with safety.  Having a basic understanding of how horses think and act is the key to being safe around them.  The second piece is learning how to communicate with horses in the language they understand. The Parelli Seven Games not only teach you how to communicate with your horse, but are also important for establishing trust in the human-horse relationship.  We progressively work our way through different levels of expertise in the following areas: on-line (ground work), at liberty (the horse is free of physical restraint), freestyle (riding without contact) and finesse (riding with contact, refinement and precision).  These basic building blocks will give any rider and horse the keys to success in any sport they choose to pursue.







We work with you and your horse to create a natural partnership.  Learn techniques based on your horses unique traits to create strategies that will create a harmonious relationship.  The Parelli method allows horse lovers at all levels and disciplines to achieve success without force, partnership without dominance, teamwork without fear, willingness without intimidation, and harmony without coercion.